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Road Safety

Important tips to improve children's safety around our school:

  • School opening and closing times are busy times for pedestrian and vehicle traffic outside our large school. Drivers need to remain particularly alert.
  • Always take extra care in 40km/h school zones, which operate on each school day from 8-9:30am and 2:30-4pm.  
  • Observe all parking signs – they are planned with children's safety in  mind. Illegal parking near the bus stops, the pedestrian crossing and at the traffic lights puts children at greater risk. 
  • Do not park in the school carparks as doing so means cars are crossing the footpaths whilst pedestrian traffic is at its peak.
  • We can reduce the traffic around our school if parents consider an alternative means of transport such as walking to and from school or by parking in a nearby street and walking to the school gate.
  • Always drop your children on the school side of the road.
  • Meet your children on the school side of the road, preferably near one of the school gates. This is particularly important in wet weather.
  • Make sure that your child always gets in and out of the car through the ‘safety door', the rear door on the footpath side.
  • Ensure that your child always crosses at traffic lights or the pedestrian crossing, regardless of the school gate you use.
  • Always use the gates to enter and exit the playground, not driveways and carparks.     
  • Model safe and considerate behaviour for your child – they will learn from you. If you don't use the crossing then they may think this is acceptable for them too!
  • NEVER call to your children from across the road. Teach them to wait until you come to them. Talk with them about what they should do if you are not there on time.
  • Children up to at least eight years old should hold an adult's hand on the footpath and when crossing the road. Children between eight and at least ten years old should be closely supervised by an adult in the traffic environment and should still hold an adult's hand when crossing the road.
  • Talk your child through the ‘STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! THINK!' routine when you cross the road together:

                 STOP!  One step back from the kerb.

                 LOOK!   For traffic to your right, left and right again.

                 LISTEN!  For the sounds of approaching traffic.

                 THINK!  Whether it is safe to cross.

Pedestrian Safety Key Messages

Hold a grown up's hand when:

  • you cross the road
  • you're on the footpath
  • you're in a car park

Bicycle safety

Bikes may be ridden to school.  They are housed in a designated area.  HELMETS ARE COMPULSORY.  Bicycles must be walked in the school grounds and between the school and the Oliver Street traffic lights.

Children in YEARS 3 TO 6 ONLY are permitted to ride bikes to school.  Securing of bikes is the responsibility of the students.

The Harbord Public School bicycle policy has been created in consultation with the P&C, teachers and executive team of Harbord PS. 

Our expectation is that all students riding a bicycle to school and wheeling their bicycle through school grounds follow this policy after parents have reviewed this document with their child/red.

The Harbord Public School bicycle policy is communicated to all Harbord families annually. 

Bike safety is part of our school curriculum but is also important for families to be aware of.  These links have helpful resources for parents:

Department of Education 

Centre for Road Safety

Safety Town